Training Materials

CIVITAS-PROSPERITY will produce own and collect existing training materials for the different training topics. 

    The material will be: 


    • country specific, with detailed consideration of how to use the EU Guidelines in the local context, thus making them even more meaningful.
    • developed to deal with local needs, issues and concerns.
    • developed to use local practical examples of SUMP design, consultation and implementation issues. This means that a local site will be selected as a ‘living lab’ location since the SUMP topic becomes really “alive” when actual sites and issues that the trainees can see and discuss are right there

    Each training topic will be prepared in form of slides and a short summary. Additional to that, summaries of high quality SUMP from so called Champion Cities will be produced as well as different selected chapters of these SUMPs that will be presented at the trainings. These summaries and chapters will be translated into those languages of national trainings where these SUMPs will be presented. 

    Materials in Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian and Slovenian are already available on the national training page.