CIVITAS PROSPERITY supports local and national governments to improve the quality and take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The project brings together European cities, regional and national governments and mobility experts in one of the most ambitious sustainable urban mobility planning projects in Europe.  >>Read more

Register to the CIVITAS PROSPERITY SUMP webinars

From October 2018 to February 2019 CIVITAS PROSPERITY will organise six webinars on most wanted topics for SUMP. Dates and times for five of these webinars have been fixed now and the registration is open.


2019 sees the introduction of a new regulatory framework for Regional SUMPs in Flanders (BE)

Transport Regions to manage SUMPs mobility challenges

For almost twenty years the northern region of Belgium, Flanders, has provided leading guidance on local SUMP support. This year they introduce a new approach across fifteen transport regions. The regions include cities and municipalities within spatial influence areas that will co-operate to provide user-oriented sustainable mobility in planning, implementation and evaluation policy. This will lead to (basic) accessibility and become the backbone of Regional SUMPs.


Partner City of the Month - Lisbon

Lisbon – the shift from driving to moving

Lisbon is today a diverse, global city, that tributes the old historic features and traditions while leading the latest trends in architecture, environment, culture, economy, mobility, etc. It’s committed to a healthier life style, a more democratic and equal society and, still, being an attractive city to work, live, study or visit.

The sustainable mobility is a key element in this complex system. It allows the city to keep growing, but influences its path in a balanced way.