CIVITAS PROSPERITY supports local and national governments to improve the quality and take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The project brings together European cities, regional and national governments and mobility experts in one of the most ambitious sustainable urban mobility planning projects in Europe.  >>Read more

Free national SUMP Trainings

CIVITAS PROSPERITY organises national training sessions for practitioners and stakeholders free of charge in 10 European countries. The training sessions are tailor-made for each country tackling – based upon an analysis - the most wanted and needed topic areas. The good mix of theory and practical exercises guarantees an effective learning experience with motivated participants. Click here for the video impression on the CIVITAS PROSPERITY trainings. 


National SUMP training carried out in Romania

From 24th – 27th of April 2018 the national Civitas Prosperity training on SUMP for Romania was organised in Brasov. The main target group were the local authorities. The event combined theoretical explanations with the discussion of local examples and practical exercises. It was particularly well received motivating both, politicians and technicians, support the taking up and improvement of SUMPs and join the dedicated national network.


Partner City of the Month - Ljutomer, Slovenia

Ljutomer: Slovenian leading small town in the field of sustainable mobility

Ljutomer proves that sustainable urban mobility planning is relevant also on a small scale. It’s first SUMP was adopted in 2012 as a pilot for a small town in Slovenia which helped put Ljutomer on both national and European maps. As a result, sustainable mobility became one of municipality’s core and most successful activities. Five years later Ljutomer was among the first Slovenian municipalities to update its SUMP.