CIVITAS PROSPERITY supports local and national governments to improve the quality and take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The project brings together European cities, regional and national governments and mobility experts in one of the most ambitious sustainable urban mobility planning projects in Europe.  >>Read more

SAVE THE DATE - 5th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Registration has just opened for the European Commission's 5th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) on 14-15 May in Nicosia, Cyprus. This is Europe's leading annual event for all those involved in putting the SUMP concept into practice. It serves as a forum for policy makers and academics across Europe to network, debate key issues and exchange ideas on sustainable urban mobility planning. Attendance is free of charge.


CIVITAS PROSPERITY coaching session in Katowice

It is a clear objective of the project that cities (further) develop and implement their SUMPs. CIVITAS-PROSPERITY partner cities have been selected in most cases because they are typical cities within their respective countries. In cases where they are newcomers in SUMP, because their commitment makes them highly appropriate to receive targeted assistance to help them further with their SUMP.


Partner City of the Month - Katowice, Poland

Katowice - from an industrial city to a city for people

Katowice is one of the fastest growing Polish cities. The capital city of voivodship of about 5 million inhabitants and the first metropolis in Poland. The image of this 152-year-old city is created by two faces - traditional with an industrial heritage and modern, creative and economically strong.

An important aspect of influence on the perception of the city is the reconstruction of urban space - nowadays called the "Cultural Zone", which is a landmark of the city.