CIVITAS PROSPERITY supports local and national governments to improve the quality and take-up of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

The project brings together European cities, regional and national governments and mobility experts in one of the most ambitious sustainable urban mobility planning projects in Europe.  >>Read more

World café session by EU SUMP projects

During the Civitas Forum at Torres Vedras (Portugal) the three ongoing SUMP consortia will join forces and organise an afternoon ( 15-16.30 pm) Word Café session.  The proposed World Café session will look at:

  1. Developing strategies for integrated mobility planning covering the functional urban area by developing new governance models for mobility planning at the local, regional and national level 
  2. Making the current SUMP process meaningful to small and medium-sized cities from an economic perspective.


CIVITAS Prosperity local/national partnerships National Task Forces to develop or sharpen SUMP Supporting Programmes

In the CIVITAS Prosperity project 11 countries are working on the development and implementation of a tailor-made national SUMP promotion programme.  In the past half-year, the so-called ‘National Focal Points’ in these countries made good progress in creating a national SUMP network and SUMP Promo programme. To make this successful and get the commitment of the responsible higher level government, 11 National Task Forces were launched. 


Partner City of the Month - Kassel

A liveable city in the heart of Germany and Europe

Kassel is located in the north of the federal state Hessen right in the center of Germany. It has 198.000 inhabitants and is the economic, cultural and regional center of the area with about 900000 inhabitants. The international art exhibition “documenta” takes place in a five-year cycle and the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe has been declared UNESCO World Heritage site.