Looking back at the 4th SUMP Conference in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The more than 400 participants at the latest SUMP Conference were able to evaluate their experience by an online questionnaire.   Generally spoken we had a very fruitful and higly appreciated conference.

 Some key results:

  • 95 % were satisfied and will recommend the conference to friends/collegues 
  • 98 % of the respondents were satisfied by the ‘quality level’ provided 
  • 71 % were there for the first time  (bringing the idea of SUMP to the Balkan region was successful) 

Presentations, session summaries and key messages can be found at the Eltis, Urban Mobility Platform website.  

Join us at the 5th European SUMP Conference in Nicosia, Cyprus. (Date to be announced soon)