City Coaching

It is a clear objective of the project that cities (further) develop and implement their SUMPs.
CIVITAS-PROSPERITY partner cities have been selected in most cases because they are typical cities within their respective countries. In cases where they are newcomers in SUMP, because their commitment makes them highly appropriate to receive targeted assistance to help them further with their SUMP.

In order to identify what assistance they require, each city carried out an analysis of its current situation in terms of the development of its SUMP. From this a support package will be designed that reflects the relevant problems of the specific cities. Support is likely to involve expert assistance in the application of specific tools and in setting objectives and targets, and, crucially, helping those working on SUMP to make the case for it with their colleagues.

The support to the PROSPERITY partner cities will be given through 3 site visits of experts to the cities. The learning procedure as well as the experience of the cities with the development and the implementation of their SUMP will be reported on a regular bases in a kind of Cities´blogging in national languages. This guarantees a first-hand information for other interested cities within the same country.