Hradec Králové

The Salon of the Republic

Hradec Králové is a city laying on the confluence of Orlice and Labe rivers in the eastern Bohemia. It is administrative and cultural centre of the region. Its 94,000 inhabitants, together with students of three universities and other commuters can use a wide range of transport in the flat landscape.

The city benefits from its historical development. The former fortress has been developed since the late 19th century according to the principles of the modern planning, and a radial system of the road has been accomplished by two levels of road circles. The city is famous for its level of cycling infrastructure, which has been built since the late 1970´s and for its traffic management.


A city of smart mobility

The inner city transportation is based on pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. Despite the growing share of the individual car transport, there is still more than 75 percent of all journeys in the city realized by the “soft” kind of transportation. To keep this level, the city implements a huge number of measures in many fields of its management.

The transport system of the city is well-designed for the traffic in the core area of the city. However, important roads and highways that would serve as the transit corridors are still missing in the city. Therefore the capacity of the existing infrastructure is filled. Despite the high share of soft transport modes, the inhabitants are suffering from traffic jams (in average 15hrs per year – this is the fourth position in the Czech Republic).

The local government has no tools how to solve the problem with the transit traffic. Nevertheless, investments into the infrastructure is in the responsibility of the state, and the city tries to improve the situation. In Hradec Králové traffic management controls most of the traffic lights around the city. This 20 years old system is going to be replaced by newly designed intelligent traffic systems which will control around 50 traffic lights in the city and provide other services to prioritise public transport, the vehicles of the integration rescue system and many others in the real time. It would provide more fluent traffic flow in the city.


E-mobility of the present

The city of Hradec Králové is in the year 2018 the leading city in the electric mobility in the Czech Republic. By the end of this year 50 percent of the public transport will be served by electric vehicles. The fleet will consist of 20 e-buses and will be accomplished by the classic trolleybuses which are serving in the city since 1949. This amount is accomplished by 9 partial trolleybuses which will use the existing infrastructure and will be able to operate about 30 percent of the lines with no connection to trolley line. With this attitude the city of Hradec Králové is going to become an even more green city and is confirming its position as an innovative leader in the public transport system (it was the first city in the country which provided full low-floor buses services, one of the first with electronic ticketing system etc.).


Learning from each other

All above mentioned steps are part of the city's strategy to provide a well maintained and valuable system of public transport as a complement of the measures supporting the development of the bike-paths network and pedestrian corridors in the city. Further development of the public transport is expressed in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Framework which has been adopted this year and which will be followed by the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. It will be prepared on the basis of the experience with the strategic planning process, which is being used in the city for almost 20 years. It will involve the public opinion, goals from the Sustainable Urban Mobility Framework, and it will reflect the experiences from CIVITAS PROSPERITY.