Transport officers  (as well as policy makers) are faced with many, often contradictory demands, such as: 

  • maintaining a high quality of life and a thriving economy;
  • reducing congestion and pollution but at the same time maintaining accessibility;
  • ensuring mobility for all, but with very limited funds.

 There are also wider issues closely related to mobility, such as public health, climate change, oil dependency, noise and air pollution. A SUMP is a way to tackle these issues and demands in a way that involves local people in decision making that delivers a city with high quality of life, less congestion and less pollution.

CIVITAS PROSPERITY aims to enable and create a culture shift in government agencies and local authorities to support Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The project focuses on promoting and supporting a broad take-up of SUMPs especially in countries, regions and cities where the take-up is currently low. It aims to achieve this by providing mechanisms and tools for national and regional agencies to take a leading role in the development of SUMPs, and building professional capacity through peer-to-peer exchange programmes and tailor made training programmes on various aspects of SUMPs and/or innovative approaches in sustainable urban mobility.

CIVITAS PROSPERITY is a member of the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and started on 01 September 2016 with a duration of 3 years.