CIVITAS PROSPERITY aims to enable and create a culture shift in government agencies and local authorities to support Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). The project focuses on promoting and supporting a broad take-up of SUMPs especially in countries, regions and cities where the take-up is currently low. It aims to achieve this by providing mechanisms and tools for national and regional agencies to take a leading role in the development of SUMPs, and building professional capacity through peer-to-peer exchange programmes and tailor made training programmes on various aspects of SUMPs and/or innovative approaches in sustainable urban mobility.


SUMPs-Up assists planning authorities to overcome the barriers that prevent or make it difficult to implement SUMPs: capacity building, tailored information, and support during development  and implementation phases will equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. 


SUITS aim is to substantially increase the capacity of small- and medium-sized local authorities to develop and implement transport strategies and systems, policies, technologies, practices, procedures, tools and measures that are sustainable, inclusive, integrated and accessible. These will recognise the end-to-end travel experiences of all users and freight.


ENDURANCE aimed to assist cities and regions with developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) by facilitating networking, mutual learning and sharing of experience and best practise across countries.


REFORM (Integrated REgional Action Plan For Innovative, Sustainable and LOw CaRbon Mobility) supports the implementation and deployment of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) as an instrument for shifting mobility towards low-carbon patterns.


Go-SUMP is targeting the challenges of capitalisation and mainstreaming of projects’ results and solutions for sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean at transnational level, which was obvious during the last programming period of the MED Programme.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

Within this sub-project of the Eltis initiative several documents and good practise examples have been developed and collected. Among others the Sustainable Urban Mobility Guidelines can be download from this site.

ADVANCE - Better Planning, Better Cities

ADVANCE aims to improve the urban transport systems in European cities. It supports cities and municipalities on their way towards a more sustainable urban mobility, thus assisting them to set up and improve the quality of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and policies.

CH4LLENGE - Adressing Key Challenges of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

CH4LLENGE addresses the four most pressing challenges in the development and implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. Nine European cities will test innovative and transferable solutions in participation, cooperation, measure identification as well as monitoring and evaluation.

POLY SUMP - Planning Sustainable Mobility Together

Poly-SUMP, Polycentric Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, aims to develop a sustainable mobility planning methodology in polycentric regions – areas characterised by several centres, where services and goods, and therefore transport needs, are scattered in different towns.

QUEST - Quality management tool for Urban Energy efficient Sustainable Transport

QUEST is a Quality Management tool developed to help small and medium-sized cities to set up and further develop their sustainable mobility policies and actions with the assistance of an external expert – the QUEST Auditor. QUEST supports European cities in making real progress towards a more sustainable urban transport system, and helps them to find solutions for achieving the desired goals.

BUMP - Boosting Urban Mobility Plans

The BUMP project provides small and medium-sized European cities with a training programme to develop their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. The training programme is then followed-up by a knowledge-sharing event as well as by a coaching programme to help producing the actual SUMP‘s.

PUMAS - Planning Sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space

PUMAS aims to advance urban mobility in Alpine Space cities with focus on participation, integration, evaluation and cost internalisation. The project offers technical-oriented seminars as well as conferences for project dissemination and SUMP.

SIMPLA - Sustainable Integrated Multi-sector PLAnning

SIMPLA supports local authorities in harmonising their SEAPs and SUMPs. The project targets small and medium-sized municipalities with a population between 50.000 and 350.000 inhabitants proposing a four-step approach to foster harmonised planning.