Training, Learning and Coaching

Based on surveying and analysis of training needs in each country that CIVITAS-PROSPERITY is focussing on, a training programme  has been drafted.  Start is planned  in late winter 2017. Topics and trainers are allocated to each national training.



Trainings are at the core of the CIVITAS-PROSPERITY project. They support the achievement of the following overall objectives of the project:


  • Produce a culture shift in terms of environment for SUMPs in member states and in the organisational culture of transport planning in city authorities.
  • Get more cities to take up effective high quality SUMPs that are in line with SUMP guidelines.
  • Ensure that these SUMPs contain and will lead to implementation of a broad range of innovative sustainable transport measures.
  • Build cities’ capacity to develop and implement SUMPs that genuinely reflect the spirit of the EU SUMP Guidelines, rather than being mandatory documents written to fulfil a requirement linked to major transport infrastructure documents.


The main characteristics of the training modules and programmes are:

  •  be placed in the context of the status of SUMP in each participating country delivered in national language.
  • be delivered by a mixture of experts, representatives of CIVITAS-PROSPERITY Champion cities and staff from the PROSPERITY partner cities. Ministries from the respective country will also be invited to participate. This will ensure that the events and materials will be delivered (as well as developed) by actual cities as well as by external experts, making the training material and events as relevant as possible to each country and to the specific challenges of the cities in it that want to develop SUMP.
  • the overall tone of the training events will be of cities (and where appropriate higher levels of government) talking to and training other cities, with support from external experts; unlike many previous SUMP training events, experts will not be the only voice amongst the trainers.
  • There will be involvement of SUMP CHAMPION cities in developing and delivering the training material.

 Further informations:

National training events

Training materials