World café session by EU SUMP projects

Torres Vedras, Portugal 27 September 2017

During the Civitas Forum at Torres Vedras (Portugal) the three ongoing SUMP consortia will join forces and organise an afternoon ( 15-16.30 pm) Word Café session.  The proposed World Café session will look at:

  1. Developing strategies for integrated mobility planning covering the functional urban area by developing new governance models for mobility planning at the local, regional and national level 
  2. Making the current SUMP process meaningful to small and medium-sized cities from an economic perspective.

Short presentations will be linked to close interaction between participants and hands-on exercises in small groups in the form of a World Café. On the one hand, this session will encourage direct exchange between cities and mobility practitioners on planning tools and methodologies that are meaningful to small and mid-sized cities, and practical solutions for enhancing sustainable mobility in functional urban areas of larger cities on the other hand.

This session will be organised collectively by the three ongoing CIVITAS SUMP projects PROSPERITY, SUITS and SUMPs-Up, thus providing for a great resource in selection of speakers and case examples, as well as for a preparation of the interactive workshop format. Moreover, as integrated planning is a topic in many of the other (non-)CIVITAS projects, an outlook towards cities that are testing innovative sustainable mobility solutions is being explored.