Ambassadors & their SUMP

Our SUMP Ambassadors are enthusiastic personalities who share their interesting stories, findings and lessons learnt from their personal experience with sustainable urban mobility planning.

Miguel Gaspar

The Deputy Mayor for Mobility and Safety of Lisbon explains the main pillars of the cities' transport policy.

Jaime Valdés-Valverde

The mobility planner gives insight on what the city did to win the 2018 European Mobility Award for small municipalities.

Christophe Najdovski

The Deputy Mayor of the City of Paris talks about the sustainable urban mobility policy of his city.

Prof. Gerd-Axel Ahrens

The former Head of Bremen's Department of Transportation and Professor for Transport Planning at the TU Dresden talks about existing barriers against and strategies for sustainable mobility in our cities and regions.

Juan Carlos Escudero

Juan Carlos Escudero, the Head of Information and Innovation for Urban Sustainability Unit of the City of Vitoria Gasteiz in Spain explains the corner stones of their SUMP.

Prof. Lucia Ilieva

The Chairperson of The Club “Sustainable Development of Civil Society“ talks about the challenges of SUMP in Bulgaria

Simone Bosetti

The transport planner and chair of the EU SUMP platform coordinating group, talks about recent experiences of the SUMP planning practice in Italian cities

Michal Kokeš

The Head of Department of EU Funds, Section of Methodologies, Coordination and Evaluation of Programmes, Czech Ministry of Transport gives insight on SUMPs in the Czech Republic

Manfred Neun

The former ECF President and the World Cycling Alliance talks about active mobility modes as a backbone for SUMP.

Laurie Pickup

Laurie Pickup, Professor for European Planning Policy at University of Aberdeen and International Director of Vectos talks about Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in the last decades

Verena Andreatta

The secretary of Urbanism, Housing and Infrastructure of Rio de Janeiro City talks - among others - about the challenges of mega-events like the Football World Championship or the Olympic Games on SUMP.

Alexia Spyridonidou

The CIVINET CY-EL Executive Secretary, presenting the SUMP situation in Greece and Cyprus.

Tom Rye

Let you inspire by Prof. Tom Rye, Edinburgh Napier University when he talks about monitoring & evaluation within SUMP, modelling and use of public space.

Polona Demšar Mitrovic

The Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure sets up an exemplary SUMP supporting program – for planning as well as for implementation.

Radu Andronic

Radu Andronic speaks about the SUMP of Turda, Romania which is the winner of the 2017 European SUMP Award

Laura Ballesteros

Mexico City’s Vice Minister of Mobility Planning Laura Ballesteros talks about the challenges of developing a SUMP for a Mega City

Dirk Lauwers

Professor Dirk Lauwers, advisor of the Flemish Government speaks about quality assurance in the SUMP development.

Valeria Hazan

The sub-secretary of Urbanism of Rio de Janeiro City explains the newest changes in legislation for parking management in her city

Kristina Gaučė

Kristina Gaučė, Vilnius SUMP Coordinator gives an insight to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Vilnius, Lithuania

Catalin Frangulea Pastor

Catalin Frangulea Pastor, Program Director of the Metropolitan Agency of Brasov gives insight into the SUMP of Brasov and planning philosophy in Romania

Koen Kennis

Koen Kennis, Deputy Mayor for Finances, Mobility and Tourism of Antwerp speaks about the SUMP of Antwerp, Belgium

Didier Castagne

Didier Castagne, Premier attaché de direction de la planification de la mobilité de Wallonie explains the SUMP approach in Wallonia

Steen Møller

Steen Møller, Deputy Mayor from Odense, Denmark talks about the SUMP of his City

Sandor Nagy

Sándor Nagy, Vice Mayor of Szeged, Hungary gives insight into the development of their SUMP

Carl Hanssens

Carl Hanssens, Alderman of Mobility, Local Economy and Employment of the Belgian City of Sint-Niklaas on the experience with their SUMP

Gregor Stratil-Sauer

The Sub-Head of the Urban Planning Department, Mobility Strategies talks about the SUMP of Vienna with special focus on health objectives, governance and stakeholder involvement.